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John Nickell's Story - Galaxy Spa Services

Hot-tubn'-it, an extension of Galaxie Spa Service, emerged from the passion and experience of its founder, John Nickell. The name found its roots in an old family boat, the Galaxie, that had been part of the family for two decades. John, an aircraft mechanic with Sky West found himself propelled into the spa industry after being laid off due to the aftermath of 9/11. 

The original vision of Galaxie Spa Service, and subsequently Hot-tubn'-it, was to provide the best service possible at the most reasonable price. The company's development was shaped by John's prior experience at Leisure Max, where he spent two years honing his skills. Key milestones included an overwhelming positive response from customers, building a rapport with a base clientele of approximately 3500 regular customers over the years.

Galaxy Spa Services
(Chase joining family business)

In December of 2004, John Nickell began his independent venture into the spa industry, breaking away from Leisure Max in Palm Desert. The early challenges were substantial. The demand for service was high, requiring long working hours and a dedication to meeting customers' needs, often extending service hours until 8-9 PM. Challenges included managing time effectively, working from home, and dealing with limited space for parts storage. However, the commitment to service was unwavering, and the company managed to overcome these obstacles.

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 In terms of funding, the initial support came from the old boss at Leisure Max, who provided his advice and discounted parts. However, everything was out of pocket, with no need to start entirely from scratch.


The growth trajectory showcased a seasonal pattern, with a slowdown in June, July, and August, picking up when snowbirds returned. Despite growing pains and challenges in finding consistent manpower, the company experienced constant growth, attracting new customers from different regions.

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Introducing Hot-Tubn-It

The pivotal moment came in 2016 when Chase Nickell  joined the team, bringing a fresh perspective and implementing digital strategies, streamlining billing and payment processes, and improving overall organization. The realization that there was a gap in the market for customers transitioning to new spas marked the beginning of a strategic pivot. The goal was clear: sell high-quality, affordable spas and become the first swim spa seller-dealer in the Coachella Valley.

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